Spiritual Slavery to Sonship by Frost

Spiritual Slavery to Sonship by Frost

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Find Security, Freedom, and Acceptance by Resting in the Father’s Love
People are always looking for identity and acceptance. Sadly, the search often leads to wrong places, wrong people, and wrong messages about who they are.
These restless journeys ultimately lead us to feeling frustrated, unloved, and unseen. The truth is you are already loved and accepted by your Heavenly Father!
Transition from living in Spiritual Slavery to Sonship, as you:

  • experience Father God’s love like never before—it stops being theology and becomes transformational encounter.
  • learn how to walk in peace, security, and rest—no matter what circumstances are against you.
  • break free from always feeling guilty, shameful, and condemned.
  • enjoy your spiritual inheritance as you walk in your true identity.

Drawing from Jack Frost’s adventures as a seafaring boat captain and his everyday experiences with church and family, you will quickly find yourself in this story.
Get ready to learn practical truths on how to root out lies about your identity and start living as a beloved child of God!

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