Church Pews

Church Info.

We are so honored to serve our local churches. We believe that we can be a vital part of your ministry and here's how:

  • We offer church charge accounts

  • We offer free delivery in Elizabethtown

  • We offer discounts (when available) on Bible & book orders

  • We work with you on special orders

  • We are HERE, LOCAL and we support local businesses as well

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Church Supplies


We are stocked full of:

Communion supplies (incl. pre-filled sets)


Sunday School materials (Standard Pub., D.C. Cook, Group, Union Goapel Press, Sunday School Publishing Board)

VBS materials

Offering Envelopes

Packaged Bookmarks

Record & Finance books

And many more items!.


Boxed Cards

Sending a card is still a wonderful way to show you care. And many churches today still have card ministries. Therefore, we always keep a large selection of over 100 designs of boxed cards from Christian Art Greetings, Faithfully Yours & DaySpring. All boxed cards are priced $5.99 - $6.99 and are BUY 2 GET ONE FREE everyday!

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